Our goal with Lightning Strike is to increase a rider’s visibility on the road. Research shows us that motorcycles are not as visible as an automobile. These are facts; not myths. Data compiled in a U.S. government-funded report, known as the Hurt Study1, reveals the truths and statistics about traffic collisions with motorcycles. An astounding 2/3 of crashes are as a result of a driver not seeing an oncoming motorcycle. There are numerous contributing factors to these results, but the facts remain…We are not being seen. Police reports often state “the driver never saw him coming”. In most cases, it’s not your inability as a rider…it’s the drivers inability to see you. Remember… it’s all about visibility.


For a copy of “Hurt Study”, contact the National Technical Information Service, Springfield, VA 22161. The essential data is in Volume I, NTIS reference number PB 81-206-443. However, HPRL has found the NTIS copies to be of less than expected quality. HPRL will furnish higher quality copies for $30. It is a 425-page book. Our friends at Northwest Motorcycling Sound Rider2 have done a great job with a recent interview with Hary Hurt, the primary focal writer of the Hurt Report2. Click on the link below for a summary of the interview.

Sources: Hurt Report1- – Volume I, National Technical Information

Service ( NTIS)

reference number PB 81-206-443.

Northwest Motorcycling Sound Rider2



For more information on rider safety, statistic, lessons and other information, please refer to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF).

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