Local Motorcyclist Invents Lights to Help Alert Motorists

As the weather warms up more motorcycles on valley roadways. Crashes involving them are also on the rise including two on Wednesday. A valley man has invented a new device to help keep riders safe.

On Interstate 10 near Queen Creek traffic was slow going during the morning commute, the result of a terrible motorcycle accident. Officers with DPS said that the rider was going too fast, swerving through traffic and clipped a small SUV.

“The rider lost control, fell off the motorcycle and tumbled off the roadway,” said Raul Garcia.

Raul Garcia, a former DPS motorcycle patrol officer and motorcycle safety instructor, said the rider suffered life-threatening injuries and that accidents like this are all too common.

“The east valley alone is probably seeing at least one motorcycle accident per day whether injury or non injury,” said Garcia.

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It’s a danger Judd Smith is familiar with, “I immediately noticed that there was a problem with visibility,” he said.

Smith wanted to be more noticeable and as an engineer by trade he created Get Lightening Strike. Get Lightning Strike is a set of LED lights which attach to any bike that let other drivers know he’s on the road. Smith is selling the product to keep other riders safe.

“You hit a button that we add to your handle bar and those lights will start blinking,” said Smith. Every precaution counts when it comes to staying safe.

DPS says its also important for riders and rivers to avoid any type of dangerous behavior day or night

“Remember there’s traffic laws out there for the reason that someone else has been seriously critically injured or fatally injured,” said Garcia.

Sharing the road safely can be done it’s just a matter of awareness says DPS and Smith.

For more information on Get Lightning Strike visit their website: www.getlightningstrike.com