Lightning Strike Products

Are you ready to add some blast to the front of your bike to wake up the distracted driver? Check out our front-mounted anti-collision systems.
Mounting: There are four different mounting styles of Lightning Strike: Tapered, Bar, Fork, and Flat. The most popular mounting method is somewhere on the engine guards (also known as crash bars or highway bars). We have different sizes of mounts to fit onto different sizes of bars. The most common kit we sell is the 1.25″ bar size. (Bar size is very important to know when ordering). All mounts are made of aircraft Billet Aluminum and can be ordered in a mirror-polished finish or black matte finish. If you want to do custom paint on your mounts, they can also be ordered in a raw, unfinished, smooth surface. Please specify when ordering. Mounting is normally accomplished using screws that attach the lights and mounts to the bar. They can also be glued in-place if needed.

Switching: Our grip-mounted bullet switch allows you to activate your lightning strike system by simply pressing it with your thumb. It is ergonomically designed to be easy to find even if you are wearing a glove. It is ready at a moments notice without searching for a button. When you need to be noticed, every second counts.

Wiring: Our systems use 12 Vdc for operation. These lights draw less than 1 amp off the battery, when turned on. We include all wiring instructions in our kits. Our recommended installation is connected directly to the battery and we include fuse protection in our kits. Most wiring to the lights is done inside the bar for a professional look.

Stylish/Solid design: With all our kit styles, we are confident you will be impressed with the look and fit. Choose a kit below which best fits your application and customize your color, size and fit at checkout. Our systems are backed by a 1-year parts warranty from the original date of purchase.

We ground-ship, so please allow 6 to 8 business days to receive your shipment. Expedited shipping is available for an additional fee depending on location. We also ship out-of-country.

Disclaimer: Lightning Strike Systems are designed to increase your visibility. They do not guarantee collision avoidance. Also verify your local vehicle lighting regulations before purchasing or using Lightning Strike. May not be legal in some riding areas.

Remember…The value is about being seen and staying alive! Wake the Distracted Driver!!!

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Tapered Mount Kit- $275


Flat Mount Kit- $275


Bar Mount Kit- $275.


Fork Mount Kit – $275