Lightning Strike can be installed on any motorcycle, scooter, side-by-side or snowmobile with a 12-volt electrical system. Since there are so many different vehicle brands and types, our kits are customizable with various mounting options/hardware that will make your installation successful. Simply select your type of kit in our products tab, then modify the order to fit your needs…It’s that simple.

Installation requires locating any suitable, 12-volt, fuse-protected hot wire on your vehicle. (We recommend an accessory wire so the system is de-energized when the bike is turned off). Our system will tap onto that wire for operation. We also include an inline fuse for direct-battery connections. From there, power is sent to the switch for light activation. Complete wiring instructions for Lightning Strike are included with every kit. Your motorcycle manufacturer’s information can show you where accessory power wires are located on your particular bike. Always verify warranty concerns when tapping into your motorcycle’s existing wiring harness.


Lightning Strike can installed using simple hand tools and basic electrical system knowledge.  Installation instructions are included with every product shipped.  If you have questions about our product, or need technical assistance, please email us at or call customer service at (480) 209-9764.  Our kits have everything you need for a clean, factory look and fitment, regardless of your vehicle type. Not sure what parts you need?  Our kit instructions will guide you on the proper way to install the system, including detailed electrical schematics. We have found the wider the Lightning Strike lights are separated, the greater the visibility and effect seen by oncoming drivers.  Most installations are performed with the light wires inside your bars for a full factory appearance.  It takes a little extra time, but the finished product is something that will look like it came from the factory that way.  Need a simpler, quick way of installing?  The wires can be easily routed outside bars and secured by zip fasteners.