Need to be Seen? Our super-bright optical LED lights get the job done. Send out a blast of light to make the drivers see you. No more excuses…”I never saw him coming”. Available in Amber or White. All lights have flash signal logic built right-in. No messy controller boxes to hide.
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Our sleek, machined, aluminum Bullet switch mounts on the left hand grip using a low-profile, stainless steel band clamp. The trigger button is easy to find with your thumb. No need to look down. Always on the ready whenever you need a blast of extra light to be seen.
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Our low-profile, aluminum mounting systems will adapt our LED light modules to any surface with a clean, factory look. No bulky clamps or bolts.
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Lightning Strike’s Mission Statement

To create and bring to market collision avoidance devices that increase a rider’s visibility, prevent accidents and save lives.

It’s Time For A Change

      • Accidents Statistics Tell The Truth.
      • We Are Not Being Seen.
      • Greater Visibility Can Save Your Life.
      • Have You Been Cut Off By A Driver Before?  Remember The Feeling?
      • Ride Free, Ride Safe.
      • See It In Action

It’s Time For A Change

Retired Motorcycle Officer Endorses Lightning Strike

My name is Al Contreras and I am a retired Phoenix Police Motor Officer. I rode Motors for 28 years, since 1976. I have had several Motorcycles since I started and have logged thousands of miles. One of the hazards of riding in the city is having traffic turn left in front of you. I was taught by my instructor to flash my “high beam” a few times to make sure that the driver of the other vehicle is aware of me when he is turning left. At one point, I had a Kawasaki KZ1000P with a headlight modulator. Each time a vehicle would attempt to turn in front of me, I would activate my headlight modulator and it seems that the driver would see me and wait for me to pass.

When it was time to turn in my Motorcycle for a new one, my headlight modulator was not transferred to the new Motor. I started flashing the high beam light a few times and it seemed to work just fine.

As the owner of Lightning Strike, you installed a “Lightning Strike” system on my personal Motorcycle. The Lightning Strike system is much brighter than my headlight and I have used it numerous times and I can see the drivers in the other vehicles looking at me. These amber lights really draw the attention of other drivers driving in the opposite direction. I’m sure that these lights have “saved” me a time or two.

You gave me a few of your business cards and I happily pass them out to my Motorcycle friends. I believe that this “lightning Strike” system is well worth the price in safety and peace of mind. I highly recommend this system.

Al Contreras
Phoenix Police, Retired